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Sunday, 31 December 2017

Brand Spotlight : Declaré

For some time I've been dealing with Acne. Throughout my teens I'd get a normal amount of pimples and blackheads due to hormones, but at the start of this year my skin totally changed. I had a lot of stress going on in my personal life, a promotion in work and I had been taken off the pill and swapped to another due to a problem with my legs. The contraceptive pill that I was prescribed sent my skin into an absolute tizzy, my hormones were all over the place and my skin broke out totally. My confidence was shattered, I felt absolutely horrible and felt embarrassed if anyone saw me without makeup.

I changed my diet, stopped wearing makeup, tried every skincare brand under the sun and nothing helped until I started using Declaré. Skincare was something I never paid too much attention to, I'd never stick to a routine or spend a fortune on products. But I've found something that works and I genuinely don't think I'll ever stay away from this brand. I'm a pharmacy manager and I was so in love with the brand that I decided to become a stockist.

Declaré is a Swiss skincare brand, the Swiss know their stuff when it comes to skincare! It is a luxury skincare brand, the likes of their cleansing products are very affordable, moisturisers and serums are more expensive - but in my opinion and experience, worth every single penny. Declaré was the first skincare brand that was formulated for Sensitive skin, skin that can flare up to environmental aggressors, the skin's natural condition, prolonged stress and the ageing process. I met some of the Declaré team when I was signing up to do the Womens Mini Marathon in June, I got chatting to them and bought 3 cleansing products. I purchased a cream cleanser, a toner and a scrub.

The Cleansing Milk comes in a 400ml bottle and costs €19.50. It is a light milk which cleanses the skin perfectly, it removes makeup, excess oil, dirt and sebum without disturbing the natural balance of the skin. This cleanser is suitable for all skin types, but it is recommended to use with the Tender Tonifying Lotion.

The Tender Tonifying Lotion also comes in a 400ml bottle and costs €19.50. What I love about this toner is that it doesn't take the moisture from you skin and make your skin feel really tight like normal toners. This is a beautiful product which nourishes the skin, removes any excess cleanser, and completes the cleansing process.

My skin always was quite red in tone, and it was from over use of products and over stimulating the skin. I used to love using really abrasive scrubs on my face to make it feel clean, but I was just damaging my skin in the long run and overstimulating the oil glands which triggers them to produce more oil, and therefore more spots. This amazing cleansing scrub has tiny particles which lifts away any impurities gently, and removes and dry surface flakes.

These three products were significant in healing my skin. Although I still got spots it wasn't half as bad as before I found Declaré. Because I have oily skin I was always terrified of using serums and moisturisers because I felt they added more oil to the skin, and boy was I wrong.

When we got the Declaré range into the pharmacy I decided to treat myself to a few more bits. I had never used a serum and at 23 I decided it was time to start caring for my skin properly. I instantly fell in love with the Anti-Irritation Serum.

The Declaré Stress Balance Anti-Irritation Serum costs €59 for a 50ml bottle. Pricey? YES. Worth it? 1 million percent. This serum has Declarés signature SRC Complex, which is a sensitivity reducing complex. This helps to calm the skin and reduce visible redness. This serum is so light it soaks into the skin almost instantly, and thanks to the hyaluronic acid the skin is plumped out making wrinkles and signs of stress diminish.

After I apply my serum I use the Eye-Contour Firming Cream. I've noticed a definite improvement in the dark circles and puffiness under my eyes since using this product. I use a pea sized amount for both eyes and tap the product into the bone under and around my eyes.

My most loved product of the range has to be the Stress Balance Skin Mediation Moisturiser, €45 for 50mls. This cream in conjunction with the other products has transformed my skin. It definitely has calmed my skin, both in texture and in tone. My skin tone has evened out, looks more plumped and youthful and the spots have almost vanished. I still break out with hormones on my chin from time to time, but I can live with that.

The next product I'm going to talk about is a body product called Body Care Cellu Body Contour, which you may have heard people calling it the skinny bum cream. This cream is so fascinating, it is cool to apply but warms up quite hot as it is soaking into the skin. I use this on the back of my legs and my bum to combat cellulite and I have noticed a slow improvement since using it. I put on a bit of weight recently and I'm back on the slimming world bandwagon so I'm hoping with healthy eating and my skinny bum cream we can get rid of the cellulite.

Believe me when I say I've tried every skincare brand under the sun and finally I've found a brand that works for me and has cleared my acne, reduced the sensitivity of my skin, reduced the redness and plumped my skin also. I think its so important to have a well rounded skincare routine, and if you have oily skin like myself I would highly recommend using a moisturiser from this range to add water back into your skin but to limit the oil production also. If you have any questions leave them in the comments below.



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