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Friday, 20 January 2017

Colourpop Liquid Lipsticks Review

I have a serious obsession with liquid lipsticks, my favourite brands are the Balm and Anastasia Beverly Hills but they are a little bit pricier than drugstore brands. I had heard so much about Colourpop on YouTube and Instagram, so I decided to order quite a lot of them! They retail for only $6 per liquid lipstick, which is very cheap.  I put them to the test in this blog post and let you know what I really think of them!

Here's photos of the lipsticks themselves and how they swatch on Irish skin tones. Firstly I have to say I like the packaging, it's quite minimal but the lip applicator is very nice and curved to apply the product perfectly. The only niggle I have with the Colourpop packaging is that the writing does chip and fade away with use.

Lights Out, Salt, Flitter, Man Eater, So Wavy, London Fog, Cosy

L-R (Starting from top to bottom)
Vice. Midi, Platform, Bianca, Alyssa, Clueless

Trap, Beeper, Mess Around, Limbo 

Overall I was very impressed with the formulation and longevity of these liquid lipsticks. They definitely give the more expensive brands a run for their money. The textures do differ from lipstick to lipstick, although for the most part they are comfortable on the lips. I did find the shade Alyssa to settle into lines in my lips and cracked slightly, but that was the only shade I strongly disliked. It feels like a thin liquid on the lips but the colour payoff is excellent.

I absolutely love the ultra metallic liquid lipsticks as seen in the first photo, they are so unique and stunning on the lips. I get so many compliments when I wear them, they can also be used as eyeshadow bases and make shadows seriously pop. The reds and purple shades are stunning, super vibrant and long lasting. While I won't wear these shades myself, my clients are loving them.

I was somewhat disappointed with some of the nude shades that I ordered, a lot of them seem to have a strong pink undertone which I wouldn't wear personally. I believed them to be true nude shades, but I suppose that's to be expected when you shop online and cannot see the product in your hand. Although they weren't what I expected, they are still very wearable shades and will get great use in my makeup artist kit.

I love the grey/ brown shades in the last photo, they are very Kylie Jenner - esque and a fraction of the cost of her 'Kylie lipkits'. Did you know that Kylie lip kits are made in the exact same factory as colourpop? Kylie Cosmetics is a sister brand of colourpop, read all about it here. Instead of spending $29 on a lip kit purely for the packaging you should consider buying colourpop for only $6. Here's some of the dupes I could find online and they are unbelievably similar.

Kylie 'True Brown K' = Colourpop 'Limbo'
Kylie 'Candy K' = Colourpop 'Clueless'
Kylie 'Dolce K' = Colourpop 'Beeper'
Kylie 'Posie K' = Colourpop 'Lychee'
Kylie 'Koko K' = Colourpop 'Midi'
Kylie 'Mary Jo K' = Colourpop 'Creeper'
Kylie '22'= Colourpop 'Succulent'
Kylie 'Kourt K' = Colourpop 'Zipper'

I hope you liked this review and dupe list for Kylie Lip Kits!

Lots of love,

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