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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Becca X Jaclyn Hill Eye Shadow Palette Recall!!

If, like myself, you have followed Jaclyn Hill for a long time you can tell how passionate she is about makeup and how fussy she is when it comes to working with brands. I purchased Champagne Pop highlighter in December and without a doubt it has become my all time favourite highlighter. The formula and pigmentation is out of this world, but it seems as though her new eyeshadow palette doesn't match up in the quality stakes.

There are many rumours circulating around the internet but it seems as though the eyeshadow palette has been removed from the Sephora website due to quality issues. I watched video by Rita B on youtube who is a massive Becca fan and has come to expect a certain standard, and she felt this eyeshadow palette didn't even come close. She claims her eyeshadows didn't apply the way normal Becca shadows do and that they faded very quickly. They didn't have the pigmentation or the longevity that she has come to expect from the brand.

I've also read that some bloggers in the US were ingredient investigating and came across four shadows that Catrice use. I am a huge Catrice fan but when you consider the substantial price difference there should be a proportionate difference in quality. 

To be 100% truthful I wouldn't trust a lot of bloggers as far as I could throw them. The majority are out there to make a decent living and will promote anything and everything. I had seen so many good reviews before this story broke! One blogger I really do trust is Jaclyn Hill and I genuinely don't think she would release this product if she was aware of the discrepancies. Becca and Sephora are massive brands in the industry and I don't believe they would release this product if they knew the backlash they were going to receive. Jaclyn did address the issue on her snapchat and has confirmed that there are inconsistencies with the palette. 

What do you think of this story? Would you still purchase Becca/ Jaclyn Hill products or would you be inclined to stay away? Personally, I would still be inclined to purchase Becca/ Jaclyn Hill products as Champagne Pop is the most amazing formula and quality I've ever tried. The fact that all three parties have admitted fault and are rectifying the problem efficiently also gives myself as a consumer faith in these brands.  This product has been removed from Sephora and Space NK websites and stores. Anyone who has purchased or pre ordered the palette is also entitled to a refund. I'll fill you guys in on any future news!

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