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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Morphe Brush Review

Since I've begun training as a makeup artist, I've tried so many different makeup brush brands and one that I am very loyal to is Morphe Brushes. They have an affordable price point, they are amazing quality and are brilliant tools.

I was gifted this gorgeous brush set from Cult Beauty and I was so impressed with the set. It is such a well rounded set and perfect for any beginner or someone wanting to grow their brush collection. This 11 piece set retails for only £31.50, and it is worth every penny. It also comes with a leather roll up case which is brilliant for travelling.

This set includes two foundation brushes; a flat brush which is perfect for applying a large amount of product and a duo-fibre brush. It also includes a flat concealer brush which is perfect for applying concealer under the eyes, for priming eyelids and for carving out eyebrows and the lip line. There are all the vital face brushes included such as the angled contour/ blush brush, bronzer brush and powder brush. I am so in love with the eye brushes in this set, they are so soft and make blending eyeshadow effortless. There is a pencil brush, tapered brush, round blender brush, an angled liner brush and a pointed liner brush. I've been using this set for well over a month now and I am beyond impressed. You can get it here for £31.50.
My most favourite foundation brush of all time is from Morphe brushes and it is the M439. This is a deluxe buffer brush and has synthetic hairs. The product doesn't sink into the bristles like other brushes, so it minimises waste. This brush gives my skin a flawless finish.  I love this brush so much I purchased two of them!! You can get it here for only £13.

The next brush is the only brush I will use for highlighting! It has the perfect dome shape for placing product on the top of the cheekbones, cupids bow and bridge of the nose. I used to be wary of highlighting in case I looked like a disco-ball. This brush disperses product evenly to give you a gorgeous glow. You can get it here for €8.60.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog!

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