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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

My favourite Morphe eyeshadow palettes

Morphe is such a big brand when it comes to eyeshadow palettes and brushes. We can now order these palettes on and and we don't have to worry about customs!! YAY! Here's my favourite palettes and they all retail for €20-26 euro which is such a good bargain. You get 35 shadows in each palette and they are excellent quality, highly pigmented and you can create so many looks. These are the perfect present for the lady in your life, or as a treat to yourself! ;)


The 35N palette is a gorgeous palette mixed with matte neutrals and some darker shades that will help you create the perfect smokey eye. It costs only £20 which is amazing value and you can get it here.


I own this palette and it is absolutely gorgeous. The shadows are so pigmented, buttery and long lasting. You can get it here for only £20!


This palette is perfect for the makeup artist, the trainee makeup artist or creative girls who love a pop of colour. The majority of these shades are matte but there are a few gorgeous shimmer shades too. This palette costs £20 and you can get it here.


I absolutely adore this palette and can't wait to get my hands on it! It is so colourful and has the perfect mix of mattes and shimmers. It costs €23 and you can get it here.


This palette is constantly sold out and its clear to see why! Its so gorgeous and only costs €26. You can purchase it here.


This palette has lots of wearable shades and then lots of bright colours. I'd love to play around with this palette. It costs €21 and you can get it here.


The 35P is one of my favourite palettes from Morphe. Its made up of warm neutrals, a selection of shimmers and some gorgeous purples. This one costs £20 and you can get it here.


This palette is so gorgeous and you will be able to create the perfect smokey eye with a twist. This palette costs £20 and you can get it here.


Last but certainly not least, I'm going to walk about the 35O palette. If you can get your hands on this you are one lucky woman! This palette is near impossible to get your hands on but it is due to come back in stock very soon. It costs £20 and you will be able to get it here very soon. I got my hands on it the other day, and I nearly cried with happiness. Make sure you join the waitlist as you will get an email when it is back in stock.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I tried my best to source every morphe palette this side of the atlantic! You won't be charged taxes on any of these purchases and you won't be disappointed by the pigmentation.

Lots of Love,



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