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Monday, 5 October 2015

The battle of the budget Beauty Blenders

For the past few years the online beauty community has raved about the 'Beauty Blender'. I was never too intrigued to try them as I couldn't justify spending €25+ on a sponge. I did my research and came across some affordable beauty blenders and decided to give them a bash to see what the fuss is all about.

I purchased the hot pink blender from and it was only €3.50. The link pink sponge is from W7 cosmetics and costs €3.99. You can purchase it on and is called the W7 power puff. These blenders completely exceeded my expectations. They are an absolute godsend  for blending concealer and cream contour. They make the skin look absolutely flawless and airbrushed. I haven't quite mastered using the blender for foundation, but I'll get there with practise!

The best way to use them is run them under some water until they expand. Then squeeze the sponge until all excess water is removed. Apply the product directly to the face and then use the sponge in a dabbing/ bouncing motion to blend the product. Make sure to wash your blender at least once a week to avoid any bacterial infections or breakouts. You can do this with baby shampoo and hot water and then allow it to dry naturally.

After about two months of using these blenders I've realised I have the tendency to reach for the W7 blender a hell of a lot more. It expands more when its in water, the curves are perfect to reach every small area on your face, it is really soft and squidgy and lastly gives the most flawless finish every time. In saying that the blender sponge is great too and it does the job well, but the W7 has some better features.

I hope you enjoyed my first product comparison blog!
Lots of love,
Ally Maher


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