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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Slimming world week 2 update

I'm beyond disappointed with my results this week and purely because I sabotaged myself in the worst way!! I had been really strict on myself, tried so many new slimming world recipes, cooked all of my meals in advance and given it 110% effort. 

In slimming world you are allowed to have between 5-15 'Syns' a day and I always have the 15. I think it is so important to eat everything in moderation, if I couldn't have a few squares of chocolate or some popcorn I'd give up within a few days. Unfortunately I had been having in excess of 37 syns a day without realising!!!

I was under the impression that Ribena was syn free, but the bottles that you buy made up actually have 11 syns in a bottle. I was drinking two of these a day from monday-friday (in work), and I'm so upset that I put on a pound this week. Because I was eating so well it probably limited the damage. The slimming world app is going to be my new best friend and I am going to check the syn value of everything before I eat it! 

My first two weeks haven't been as planned, but I'm moving on and starting fresh! My goal is to lose 2lb a week from now until the end of September and by then I will have lost a stone :) Hopefully I will have better news next week. My top tip this week is to use the app or website to make sure you really know what you are eating.

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