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Monday, 3 August 2015

Milk Shake Leave-in Conditioner

Two weekends ago I got my hair done and I moved to a new hairdressers. My hair was feeling dull so I knew it was time to go to a new hairdressers with a fresh pair of eyes. I went to Studio 55 in Raheny and I couldn't be happier with the treatment I received. The girls are so helpful, talented and professional. I got a full head of highlights and a cut for only €75 which is amazing value, check them out!

My hair had been looking really brassy, was knotting badly and had been falling out/ breaking. My hairdresser Laura recommended that I try a product called Milk Shake, which is a leave in conditioner that nourishes your hair and also helps to detangle your hair. I only use heat on my hair when I blowdry it and maybe straighten or curl it twice a month. But still my hair is in relatively bad condition due to dying it blonde and not using hair masks etc. 

I've used this product religiously for the last 10 days and I've noticed such a huge difference in my hair! It works wonders when I've just washed my hair, I spritz it through my roots and ends and then my brush will glide through my hair. My hair feels so soft now and it has stopped coming out in clumps. This product costs €15 for a 350ml bottle. You only need to use about 5 sprays every time so I doubt you would run out of product quickly. It also gives a gorgeous shine to your hair, and anyone who is blonde knows that is near impossible!! 

I would highly recommend this product for anyone with damaged, dry hair that tends to knot or tangle. It would also be brilliant for kids who suffer with knots and hate brushing their hair, it really takes the pain and hassle out of doing your hair.

Hope you enjoyed this short blog!
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