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Saturday, 8 August 2015

L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Review

I was drawn to this product in boots because firstly I love L'Oreal products and secondly because the packaging is so beautiful! I love the black/ gold combination and the shape of the tube, it looks like a really high end product.  I fell in love with this mascara upon the first application and have been using it religiously for the last few weeks. 

It has a brilliant wand which distributes the product evenly on the lashes, it separates the lashes and doesn't cause them to clump together. It is quite small which is great as you can reach all of your lashes (even the hard to reach places like your inner corner) without smudging mascara all over your face. The tube holding the mascara narrows down towards the end and acts as a built in wiper which eliminates excess mascara on the wand. The wand is really flexible also.

I purchased the mascara itself in the colour 'Extra-Black' and it really is that. The consistency is really good too; its quite wet and doesn't flake whatsoever. What is great about the mascara is that it doesn't smudge which means no panda eyes.. YAY!! It will last all day and you won't need to top it up, it is easily removed with makeup remover. I found this mascara really elongated my eyelashes and made them look so full, I could almost pass for wearing false lashes! It seems to have a curling effect on my lashes also.

It is priced at €15 in boots which is pretty reasonable and without a doubt is one of the best mascaras I've ever used. I usually pick up any oul mascara for 3 quid, but I wanted to see if it is worth spending a bit extra and it is. Unfortunately for the bank balance, fortunately for my face! I highly recommend trying out this mascara, it is fantastic and the results are brilliant. I hope you enjoyed this short blog post, if you have any questions leave them below!

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