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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Back to Slimming World...

From February to June this year I went to Slimming World week in, week out and in total I lost 13lb. I was so thrilled as I hadn't weighed that little since I left school three years ago. I never struggled with weight as I was a dancer, had a really active lifestyle and always had time to eat healthy meals. As I started going to college and working I found that it was extremely difficult to balance everything, and my diet suffered badly. I piled on the pounds over the past few years and my weight fluctuates regularly. I left Slimming World when I returned from my holiday as I was diagnosed with an illness due to anxiety and stress. I'm not too sure if I'm ready to tell you all about it, but the time will come when I have advice to offer on the topic (I'm only knew to it myself). 

My grandad also passed away and without a doubt it has been and probably will be the hardest thing I'll ever go through. My grandad was my number one supporter and I adored him just as much. It seems that many people struggle with their weight when they encounter stress and sadness and it's fair to say I am the epitome of an emotional eater. I allowed myself two weeks to eat everything in sight and enjoy my holiday to Amsterdam, but I was determined to get back into group this week to protect my loss as much as possible. It was so difficult to walk back into group tomorrow, I was sweating thinking about how much weight I put on. If you saw my snapchat you'll see how nervous I was and pretty mean about myself too!! (@allymaherblog). 

In total I gained 5 pound over an 8 week period which is a lot, but I went on an all-inclusive holiday to Mexico, was really ill for two weeks and learning to cope with the diagnosis, started my accounting career in a full time position, lost a very special family member and went to Amsterdam. I am so over feeling uncomfortable and unattractive in my own body and I am soooo ready to reach my dream target weight which is 9 stone 7 pound! I will be posting weekly updates here with food diarys, tips, recipes and more so stay tuned! If you have any recipes or tips please comment below! 

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