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Sunday, 5 July 2015

MMC designs

A few months ago I was contacted by the lovely Maire Mc Cafferty from MMC designs who wanted to design a midi skirt for me to wear on my holiday and blog about. Maire's work is couture and completely handmade which I can really appreciate as most of the clothes we wear are manufactured in their thousands. We often pay so much money for high street clothes that are gorgeous on the eye but can be really poor quality, for a reasonable price you can get high-quality and custom made clothing to suit your style and measurements.

Maire and myself were in contact quite a bit via email as we spoke about what fabrics, colour and general fit I would like the skirt to be. Maire then visited my home where she took measurements and we had such a lovely chat about fashion and travelling. She is so down to earth and a genuinely lovely person. I opted for a nude/blush colour midi skirt that stopped right below my knee. I have quite short legs and they can look quite stumpy in certain clothes, but Maire knew exactly how to design the skirt to suit my figure. I wore this one night in Mexico and so many girls complimented me, they were gutted that they couldn't get it from a store!!

I wore this beautiful skirt with a lace bralet from Topshop and floral heels from Penneys. There is so many ways to style midi skirts and they are so versatile. For summer I love the idea of crop tops, short sleeve shirts, bralets and bodysuits. For autumn and winter I love midi skirts teamed up with long sleeve tops, graphic tees and polo necks. Here's some inspiration!

Here's some better photos of my gorgeous midi skirts, this colour will carry me through the whole year round. I can't wait to wear this skirt again and I will take even better photos next time!! 

If you have any special occasions coming up I'd highly recommend contacting Maire as you will feel elegant and classy in her designs, and you'll have no fear of bumping into someone with the same outfit! 

You can contact Maire on her facebook page 

or her
Instagram @mmc_designs

Hope you enjoyed this post! 
Lots of love,


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