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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

June Beauty Favourites

Hey everyone,

This week I have a blog post about my favourite products that I've been using in the month of June. I've set myself a goal of writing a blog post at least once a week, I usually go months without posting as I like to write short paragraphs on my facebook blog. A lot of you email me asking for more details so its better to put all the information in one place for everyone to read! I've had a hectic few weeks with finishing in my part-time job, completing final exams and assignments, going to Mexico and starting a full time job so its nice to sit down with a cup of tea and do some blogging!

I tried so many new products this month that I need to share with you all, I don't know what I ever did without them before! I've also included some holy grail products. I love finding good drug-store products so if you have any dupes for the products I've included please let me know!

Botanics Radiance Balm

I'm sure you will have seen this all over facebook, instagram and blogs the past few months, but there is good reason for it. I never like buying products when there is a huge hype surrounding them because my expectations tend to let me down when I try them. I spotted this on offer in boots for €4 so I said feck it and picked it up, I had nothing to lose if I didn't like the product. 

This product claims to soften and brighten skin. It is suitable for all skin types. It contains hibiscus which is a natural brightness booster. Its a light cream with a subtle sparkle and it gives such a gorgeous glow to the skin. I use a pea-sized amount every day under my foundation. 

MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish in 'Medium Deep'

When I was in the airport I wanted to do some shopping in MAC (whats a holiday without treating yourself in the airport!!). I had my heart set on purchasing the mineralize skinfinish bronzer in 'Give me Sun' but they were sold out. The girl at the counter advised me to get this bronzer which is quite similar, but not as dark. I'm so happy I bought this one in the end as I'll be able to use this all year around.

This bronzer is completely matte so it is perfect for contouring. It doesn't go muddy on the face at all and is so easy to blend and to build. I've always found it hard to find a bronzer that I love and I think I've found the one!! 

MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish 'Soft and Gentle' 

I've heard so much hype about this product for years that I had to give in and purchase it. I usually use a highlighter from Sephora but it smashed a little while ago so I needed to replace it. This highlighter is seriously pigmented and gives you the most gorgeous radiant skin, even Sean commented that my skin looked good the first time I wore it!!  This highlighter seems to be a universal one that everyone can wear no matter what your skin-tone. 

MUA Pro-Brow Palette

I first bought this eyebrow kit about 2 years ago in Superdrug, it costs about €3 and is amazing value. If you ever see it snap it up, as it usually sells out very quickly. There is 3 different powders in this kit and one gel to hold your eyebrows in place. I use the lighter colour at the front of my eyebrows and use the darker brown towards the end, to make them look more natural.

I love powders as I think they look really natural for daytime wear, but I am looking for a new eyebrow product for evening wear. I bought a product in MAC in the airport and the girl sold me the gel for my eyebrows in 'REDHEAD' ?!? Sean laughed his head off when I tried it first, I had pure ginger brows!! If you have any recommendations leave them below! I'm currently lusting over Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow- if anyone can advise me on a colour please help!!

MAC Cosmetics Paint Pot in 'Painterly'

Lately I've been finding that my eyeshadows were creasing really badly and I knew it was time to invest in a good product to stop this happening. Painterly is a nude beige colour and I use this to prep my eyes before I put on my eyeshadow. I'm beyond impressed with this product as it acts as a primer, so it stops my eyeshadows creasing. It also brings out the pigments in my eyeshadows so much more and it makes blending a breeze. 

 MAC Cosmetics Fluidline in 'Blacktrack'

This has been a holy grail product for me for YONKS, it makes for the most perfect winged liner. Its a thick consistency and the pigment is perfect, it is soooo black. I've only realised now that I can use this in my waterline and it has changed my life!! I've fallen even more in love with this gel liner. I've heard great things about Inglots version and as its cheaper I am very tempted to try it!

Inglot Shadows

I am obsessed with Inglot shadows and I love how you can choose and design your own palettes. They have the most gorgeous shades, they are so pigmented, long-wearing and easy to blend. The shadows retail at €6 a shadow which is such good value as you get a lot of product.

MAC Prolongwear Concealer

I've been using this concealer for about a year and it is amazing! I had the darkest bags under my eyes and this product did a great job of covering them and hiding my tired eyes. I use a shade 2 shades lighter than my foundation, the concealer helps to brighten the undereye also and I love to use it in my contour routine.

Catrice Cosmetics Camouflage Cream

I recently discovered a new youtuber called Shannon Hanley and she recommended this cream concealer for shaping your eyebrows. I love this concealer as it gives my eyebrows so much more definition. It is really cheap which is an added bonus and I think it retails at €5.

Lush Lip Scrub

Time and time again I've praised this product. Ignore the ruined packaging, but there's proof of how often I use it!! I use it to exfoliate my lips and get rid of any dead skin cells. It makes my lips smooth and my lipliner and lippy look so flawless when I've used this. It is about €7. You NEED this in your life if you suffer with chapped lips!!

MAC Cosmetics Lippys

I picked up these two lipsticks when I was away and I am obsessed. MAC has the best lippys; they feel so nice on the lips, they are pigmented and are long wearing. I've yet to find a good drugstore alternative.

Kinda Sexy (Matte)

 Blankety (Amplified)

Hope you enjoyed reading and if you have any recommendations let me know!
Lots of Love,

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