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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Dream Dots for Spots

Waking up with a spot is without a doubt, the worst start to your day! I love nothing more than having smooth and clear skin, but from time to time I suffer from breakouts- usually on my T-Zone due to hormones, or on my cheeks due to stress. I always have my eyes peeled for products that get rid of spots, but everything I've tried has either left scars on my face or made the spots spread even further!

If I'm to be completely honest, I was extremely skeptical of this product when I first heard about it. So basically, dream dots are stickers for your spots. The product claims to target spots overnight, relieving the redness and inflammation when it's removed in the morning. I had seen many bloggers review this product so you can imagine my excitement  when I recieved dream dots in the post to try!

The science behind how it works:
Its a unique absorbent hydro matrix patch
There is no harsh ingredients
The patch is waterproof, wafer-thin and breathable
When the patch is in contact with the spot, the core locks in and absorbs the spot exudade (the icky white stuff in the middle of your spot)
A moist healing environment is then formed
The patch maintains ideal pH balance, temperature and hydration levels which aids in faster healing
The patch swells and turns white overnight as it absorbs the fluid in your spot.

You can see the packaging in the above photo, you simply open the tab on the right hand side and start zapping those spots away. 24 clear circular dots are included in the pack which is definitely an ample amount to tackle a good few breakouts. I had an extremely positive encounter with this product, and it will definitely be the only product I reach for when my spots reappear. 

My experience:
I had taken plenty of photos of my spots before and after using the product, but unfortunately my phone broke in the meantime! This process is extremely easy, I washed and cleansed my face before bed, threw these stickers on my spots before bed and took them off the next morning. Some of my spots had completely vanished overnight which I am still mesmerized by! Other spots did need two treatments of the dream dots.. It is incredibly effective and gentle on the skin so its a big thumbs up from me!  I would recommend leaving these spots on for no longer than 10 hours as one night/ morning I left them on too and was left with a small dry patch on my face

The benefits of these dream dots are endless;
  • Of course, your spots will disappear
  • Less inflammation
  • Less pain
  • No scars and no scabs
  • Stops the spots spreading over your face
  • I found the stickers helped me not to pick or scratch at my spots

Value for money: 8/10
This product is available on the official website and in pharmacies nationwide. A pack of 24 cost €14.95, they are affordable but for anyone who suffers with breakouts this product really is invaluable.

Ease of use: 10/10
This product is seriously so simple to use. Put the dot on the affected area and remove it the next morning!!

Effectiveness: 10/10
I'm honestly blown away by the product and the science around it. It's extremely innovative and works almost instantly. My spots usually could last up to a week and when I used the dream dots my spots were gone within 2 days and left no marks on my face.


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